Below is the list of  the basic lawn care services that we feel should be done annually, our minimum level of service must include the weekly mowing service and the 4 or 6 fertilization & weed control program our snow service is optional.

1- Spring cleanup March or April
2- Grass Cutting, string trimming, edging of walkways & curbs every other week, blowing of grass clippings and leaves from driveways, walkways, patios, decks weekly April to September.
3- Fall cleanups every other week October & November to remove leaves from the grass areas, beds, walkways, patios, decks plus mowing the lawn if needed.
4- Pruning to shape hedges, ornamental grasses, remove dead branches, old growth, cut back perennials, rejuvenate fast growing plants, clean up of debris accumulated after spring cleanup.
5- Weed control for beds, patios, curb, driveways and other areas is necessary to achieve a good looking property.


Our lawn care Morristown package are 4 or 6 applications  per season of:

1- Slow release fertilizer
2- Pre-emergent crabgrass control
3- Post emergent control of broadleaf and grassy weeds
4- Insect control for grubs, chinch bugs and others.
5- lime to control PH

Lawn Care Morristown Estimate Request:

Our service is ideal for Morristown properties that are located close to route 287, James St, Footes Ln, Overlook Rd, Laura Ln.

1 Cobble Stone Lane Morristown New Jersey
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