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Our Snow Removal Experience ** 

Anthony Agudelo Landscaping has been a  Snow Plowing Contractor since 1987. We are a perfect match for any one  in need of a very reliable local service in Morristown specially  areas around the Green, South St, Washington St,  Maple Ave, and Elm St in Morristown. With our 24/7/365 service, we make sure your property is safe at all times!

Services include:
 Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing 
Parking Lots Snow & Ice Melting
Walkways, stoops cleared
Trucks / Tractors available for large jobs
Snow loading & hauling off site
Parking garage & deck snow removal

Work with one of the best  Snow Plowing companies in the area !!

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We are Snow Removal Contractors offering Commercial and Residential snow plowing services for nearly 30 years in Morristown and neighboring towns.  We are the first company in the area to offer a unique  Seasonal Snow Plowing Agreement,  designed to protect you from excessive fees in the event of a mild winter.  Contact us to learn more!

Please note: Our residential Snow Removal service is a pre-paid seasonal agreement  for the winter months, and it is a discounted price from our per push plowing pricing starting at $ 950.00 for small driveways including shoveling garage doors and the main entrance to properties located near our existing routes only , We are sorry but can not provide one time snow services.

 24 Hours  Snow Removal

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When you compare our service to any other snow plowing contractor in Morristown make sure they do these things also:

-Their residential snow plowing service also includes shoveling snow for the main entrance to the house and garage doors.

-Come before the winter and mark your property with a reflector that allows the crews to know where Not to place snow.

-They advise you by email of what is coming and what plan they created to attack the storm depending on time of day.

-They have more than one crew working in town so they have a backup in case something goes wrong.

-They have salting trucks loaded all the time so it will not take them 3 hours to come and salt your place if you call them.

-They pay a private weather service to advise them of what is coming and when it is ending.

-That a person is watching the phones for messages 24/7.

-That you will get a bill after each storm so errors are corrected right away.

-That you can have your service in autopilot meaning get and email with the bill and charging your credit for the services.

-We can tailor our seasonal service  to fit your needs, like waiting until the storm ends, passing by every 6 inches or every 3 inches